Credit Card Processing

Any interested University department that would like to process credit cards must review Policy 1510 and sign the agreement form (PDF). The University offers several different payment processing methods that are applicable to various business needs. Below you will find a list and description of the credit card processing methods offered by the University. Please choose the most appropriate processing method for your business need.

Please submit your completed agreement form here.

Point of Sale Terminals

This payment method is recommended for in-person credit card transactions at a fixed or remote location. This solution can also be implemented for telephone / mail orders. An analog-telephone terminal is available for locations that support a non-internet based telephone line. Two wireless (GRPS) point of sale terminal options are available for departments that have VOIP telephony or who may process credit card transactions at multiple remote locations throughout the year.

eCommerce Website Payments

This payment method is recommended to departments who wish to process credit card payments through their associated website. Implementing this option will link your department’s website to an external payment gateway. A customer visiting your website would be seamlessly transferred to the payment site to provide their credit card information for processing. Typically, this solution is used to obtain credit card payment for products, services or events.

eCommerce Event Registration

This payment method is recommended to departments who have a business need for an online event registration system that accepts credit card payments. RegOnline is an all in one event management system and credit card payment solution. The system will allow your department to create an online event registration system for one or multiple events, track attendees and accept credit card payments. RegOnline interfaces with many popular payment gateways.

Virtual Terminals

This payment method is recommended for in-person, phone order or mail order credit card transactions. This solution is applicable when a standard point of sale method is not a viable processing solution due to either an infrastructure restriction or business need. In this option, credit card information is passed directly through a payment gateway (website) by a department employee using a University internet connection. This method is called a “Virtual Terminal” because it behaves like a point of sale terminal but uses a web browser instead of a hardware device to transmit credit card information for processing.