What is Moneris?

Moneris Processing Solutions provides the University with credit card processing services. A Moneris account is required in order to process credit card transactions on campus. The Office of the Bursar facilitates the Moneris relationship across campus. University departments should communicate directly with the Office of the Bursar to request a Moneris account and should never contact Moneris directly with such a request. The University has an exclusive contract with Moneris and therefore campus merchants cannot initiate a relationship with another acquiring bank.

What is HigherOne?

HigherOne is a company that provides the University with an eCommerce payment gateway solution named NetPay. Website customers are redirected to the NetPay gateway to provide credit card payment.

How long does it take Moneris to setup a point of sale terminal (analog or wireless) account? When will I receive my point of sale terminal?

Typically, Moneris will create the account within two business days of receiving the request. The terminal usually ships on the third business day. We encourage you to submit an account request to us well in advance (a month) of when you will need the payment solution. Moneris processing times can vary depending on request volume and unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, you will want to allow yourself adequate time to learn how to operate the terminal, run test transactions and troubleshoot (if necessary).

Can a wireless credit card terminal process credit card transactions outside of the United States?

The terminals will not operate outside of the United States.

Can I add another point of sale terminal (analog or wireless) to my existing Moneris account that is associated with a point of sale terminal?

Yes, this is possible. Please contact us directly for more detailed information.