Merchant Services

Merchant Services

The information below is for departmental use only.

The Office of the Bursar supports ECommerce services for all internal University departments interested in accepting credit card payments for services, products or events.

Our team will facilitate creation of your account and assist you in finding the best credit card processing method that meets your department’s business needs. If one of our available solutions does not meet your department’s needs, we will work with ITS and Procurement to find an alternative solution.

To begin, carefully read and review:

When you are ready to proceed, complete and submit the

by sending it via

Once we receive the agreement form we will contact you to discuss the available payment processing options. We ask that you submit your request at least one month prior to the date that you will need credit card processing services.

Credit Card Policies

Various University policies that pertain to the acceptance of credit card payments by University departments. We ask that you become familiar with these

before proceeding to the Credit Card Processing section.

Credit Card Processing

Various credit card processing methods are accepted at the University. We ask that you review the available options below after you have submitted the agreement form. We can address any questions regarding any of the options and also provide more detail on each of them; when we contact you regarding your submitted request.

Credit Card Regulations

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is mandated by the credit card brands to any merchant that accepts credit cards as a form of payment. The University expects any department that processes credit cards to adhere and demonstrate compliance with this standard. To learn more about PCI DSS, follow the below link.


Frequently asked questions (and answers) are listed below