Heartland ECSI is announcing a new student loan billing statement

We are excited to announce a new billing statement for students with loans that are serviced by Heartland ECSI. This process will take effect on the May 2018 billing statement. Student Loan Statement

The new billing statement will provide more information about student loans and will do so in an organized and easy to read format.  

Below is the legend that will explain important areas of the billing statement:

  • One-Stop Area (1).  Our new billing statement includes a One-Stop Area that contains important information about signing up for electronic billing statements, easy payment options, and how to contact us.
  • Statement Summary (2).  This section shows the borrower the total amount due on all of their loan accounts being serviced by ESCI and provides a breakdown of the current amount due, the past amount due if any, fees due if any, and the total amount due with the due date.
  • Payment Slip (3).  An enhanced payment slip is provided for the borrower to return if they are paying by check or money order
  • Comment Section (4).  This area will contain important comments and information pertaining to all of a borrower's loans.
  • Payment Information Section (5).  This area provides the borrower with additional information about how payments are applied, the types of payments accepted and paying their account in full.
  • New Contact Information Section (6).  This allows a borrower to provide any new contact information that should be updated on their account. 
  • Payment Allocation Instructions (7).  This section allows the borrower to provide additional instructions on how they want their payment allocated to one or more of their loans.
  • Loan Summary - Detail (8).  This section provides the borrower with detail about their loan including loan type, interest rate, fixed monthly payment, along with loan balances and prior amounts paid on their loan.
  • Loan Summary – Amount Due (9).  This section provides the borrower with a breakdown of the amount that is due on their loan including current payments, past due payments, and any fees.
  • Loan Summary – Comments (10).  This section provides the borrower with individual comments associated with their loan.
  • Payment Options (11).  This section explains what payment options that the borrower has to pay their loan amounts that are due.  
  • Payment Service Fees (12).  This section shows the borrower by payment option what fees, if any, will apply when you use a particular payment method.
  • Other Fees (13).  This section explains other fees that may be assessed to the borrower's account if they do not make your payment on time or if payments are rejected by their bank.
  • Loan Benefits and Repayment Options (14).  This section provides the borrower with important information about possible loan benefits and repayment options.