Deposit Guidelines

Deposit Guidelines

All departmental deposits must include a properly completed Report of Money Received (Financial Services Form No. 133). The following guidelines should be used when preparing departmental deposits.

  1. The completed Form No.133 and funds must be delivered to the Maroon Financial Credit Union Office 5525 S. Ellis, Ste. C in the Parking Structure Building.
  2. Daily deposits should be submitted on a single Report of Money Received, Comptroller Form No. 133. The Financial Services form has three copies. When submitting the form, detach the pink copy only and retain for your records. All sections of the report must be properly completed prior to processing.
  3. Checks must be properly endorsed with an authorized endorsement stamp. For instructions to properly order endorsement stamps, please phone the Bursar’s Office at (773) 702-7074.
  4. Check deposits, with more than one check, must be submitted with a calculator tape. Do not include coins or currency on the calculator tape. Calculator tapes must have a clearing mark and list all checks in the same order as in the bundle.
  5. Checks should be deposited in bundles of no more than 200 checks per bundle. Each bundle must have a calculator tape. If there is more than one bundle, a separate calculator tape should recap the totals of all bundles submitted.
  6. Domestic checks, all Canadian checks and foreign checks drawn on a US bank may be included on the same Form No.133.
  7. Foreign checks, not drawn on a US bank, should be submitted on a separate Form No.133. The amount should be left blank, as amounts are not known until after the collection process is complete. Once collection is complete, the Credit Union enters the amount and returns the receipt to the department contact person.
  8. Travelers Cheques, domestic money orders should be deposited as domestic checks. They should not be included in the cash total on Form No.133.
  9. To receive funds for credit card transactions, the original Batch Settlement Form must be submitted with Form No.133. The “Dept. #” on Form No.133 translates to a department credit card merchant number. A department with more than one merchant number will be assigned multiple dept. #‘s to facilitate credit card deposits.

For questions or problems meeting the above guidelines, please call the Bursar’s Office at (773) 702-7074.