Student Loan Resources

Entrance Loan Counseling

As a University of Chicago student who will borrow loan funds, you are required to complete the entrance loan counseling process before your student loan funds can be disbursed. You only need to complete this requirement once during your enrollment at the University.

General Tips

We strongly urge you not to use email as a means of delivering sensitive information because of the lack of security. It is okay to list your UChicago student ID, if you have one, along with your first and last name in an email message. However as an added precaution, do not list your social security number in the body of emails, or any document you may attach to an email,
when corresponding with our office.

In addition, please comply with the tips below:

  • Bring your student ID (with photo) each time you visit Student Loan Administration.
  • Respond immediately to any correspondence from the University of Chicago, your loan servicer, or your lender. Your funds may be placed on hold or withdrawn if any of the additional information requested from you is not provided promptly.
  • Be very careful when completing loan applications to provide all information requested. 
  • Report in writing the receipt of any financial assistance not offered through SLA, including receipt of departmental or outside agency fellowships. Outside scholarships count toward meeting your financial need. If additional University assistance or outside assistance puts you in an “over-funded” status, your loan and/or work-study assistance may be reduced and/or you may be billed for amounts already received.
  • Be sure to tell your loan servicers about any change to your name or address. You are responsible for repaying all loans whether or not you receive bills requesting repayment. During your attendance at the University, you must update any name, telephone number, or address change at You may also be required to forward documentation of a name change to our office.

Deferment of Previous Student Loans

Contact your loan servicer to verify that you have the option of deferring your loans while you are enrolled. If eligible to defer the loans, please visit detailed information on the University’s reporting process at the Registrar's website. Do not stop making payments on your loan(s) until you receive written confirmation from your lender that your request for a deferment has been approved.

Consumer Information

The Department of Education has an ombudsperson who works with Federal student loan borrowers to informally resolve loan disputes and problems. Please refer to the Office of Student Financial Assistance Ombudsman for detailed information on the steps you need to take to resolve a Federal loan dispute. The site lists frequently asked questions and allows you to contact the ombudsperson by e-mail but you may also contact the ombudsperson at (877) 557-2575.

The University of Chicago Financial Aid Code of Conduct

The University of Chicago’s Financial Aid Code of Conduct prohibits conflicts of interest with the responsibilities of officers, employees, or agents of the University with respect to education loans. The University shall comply with, administer, enforce, prominently publish on its website(s), and annually inform officers, employees and agents of the University with responsibilities with respect to education loans of the