Bursar Student Account Holds

The Office of the Bursar is authorized to place a Hold on future quarter registration for a past due balance on a Student Account.

Bursar Holds are placed on past due Student Accounts starting the sixth week of each quarter.

In addtion to preventing registration, a Student Account Hold will prevent students from obtaining a transcript, graduating or receiving a diploma.

At the end of the 10th week of the preceding term the Registrar’s Office will cancel future registration and drop the associated courses for any student who is still restricted.

Hold Notification

Students will be notified if they have a Hold by the Bursar’s Office via UChicago email.

Hold Removal

Student Account Holds will be removed automatically within 24 hours after payment of the outstanding balance is received in full.

Please note that clearing your Student Account Hold may not automatically result in the processing of your registration. We recommend that you contact your Dean of Students Office to understand your registration status after you clear your Bursar Hold.

For questions about your Student Account Hold or your past due Student Account balance please contact Student Accounts at 773-702-7086 or by email at bursar@uchicago.edu.

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