The Office of the University Bursar will do its very best to assist you during this time.  Although a walk-in session may not be an option, we can assist you by phone and email. We have advisers available to answer calls and emails during regular business hours. You can also schedule a phone appointment. Just send us an email to let us know of the best times to reach you and we’ll be sure to reach you at that time.

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We’ve included a list of Frequently Asked questions to ensure we keep you informed, during this time. 

We hope you find this information is helpful and we look forward to assisting you.

I usually buy books and course materials on campus. Can I purchase these items remotely?
The University of Chicago has partnered with Barnes & Noble and Seminary Co-op to offer remote purchasing beginning March 15 to April 23. You may elect to have these purchases directly assessed to your Student Account, and charges will be remitted through your regular Student Account payment process. The bookstores will provide pick-up, shipping, and curbside options upon purchase.
How do I request relief from Institutional or Perkins loan payments to the University of Chicago?
Effective May 1, 2020, the University of Chicago has suspended all interest calculation and payments, without penalty, until September 30, 2021, for current borrowers in repayment.  There is no action required by a student to be included in the payment suspension period and you may continue to remit payments to our loan servicer during this period. Repayment is scheduled to resume in September 2021.
How are my Direct Loan repayments impacted by COVID-19?
Effective March 27, 2020, the Department of Education has instructed all Direct Loan Servicers to suspend interest calculation and payments for borrowers in repayment of Direct Student Loans. For more information, visit the Department of Education
Who will be assessed the Student Services Fee for Spring Quarter 2021?
Students who reside in on-campus housing or within 50 miles of the University of Chicago Hyde Park Campus will be assessed the Student Services Fee.  In Winter Quarter 2021, we will be offering a mix of virtual and in-person programs and services, in accordance with public health guidelines. 

A robust set of programs and services will continue to be available to students, regardless of their location.  UChicago Student Wellness offers health, counseling, and wellness services, and is serving students through a combination of in-person and virtual care.

The Dean-on-Call and Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call can be accessed 24-hours a day, 7-days a week by calling the University of Chicago Police Department at 773-702-8181 or by using the UChicago Safe App.

Staff at Student Disability Services and the Office of International Affairs remain a critical resource for students. The Center for Leadership and Involvement is collaborating with student leaders and campus partners such as UChicagoGRAD, the Center for Identity + Inclusion, and Spiritual Life to sustain student communities and support RSOs and other student-led initiatives that will take place remotely or in-person, as appropriate.

I am enrolled for Spring Quarter 2021 and am living more than 50 miles from campus. Will I be assessed the Student Services Fee?
Enrolled UChicago students who are living more than 50 miles from campus for Spring Quarter 2021 may waive the Student Services Fee. Please visit my.UChicago and go to Finances – myAccount to complete the online waiver request.  The online waiver request will available from March 8, 2021 to April 16, 2021.

Students can self-assign this directly in my.UChicago by going to Finances > Account > Student Service Fee Waiver

What are the Spring 2021 Quarter tuition rates?

2020-21 tuition rates are published on the Bursar’s website.The University remains deeply committed to ensuring that students from every background, regardless of financial need, are welcome here. Need-based financial aid and numerous scholarship programs are available for students in the College and across schools and divisions. We encourage students to work directly with their school or division’s financial aid office or dean of students to access the wide-ranging support the University has established to assist students during this challenging time. The University recognizes many of our students and families are experiencing challenges due to COVID-19; additional assistance is available for those who encounter unexpected expenses.

Is the Emergency Assistance Program available in Spring Quarter 2021?

Emergency Assistance Programs continue to be available to students to assist with emergency and unexpected costs during their academic career. Emergency Assistance is NOT designed to assist you with expenses included in the cost of attendance, such as rent, food and expected travel to and from campus for the academic year. Please consult your Academic Division or your Financial Aid Office for additional assistance.

May I apply for an advance disbursement on my Financial Aid for Spring Quarter 2021?

Advances may be requested beginning March 1, 2021, through the Emergency Assistance application on my.UChicago.  Financial Aid Awards are required to receive an advance disbursement.

Will I be assessed the College UPASS Fee for Spring Quarter 2021?

All College students will be assessed the UPASS fee for Spring Quarter 2021. Students who reside on campus or within 50 miles of campus may apply for a waiver of the UPASS.  Students residing more than 50 miles from campus may waive the UPASS fee by completing the Student Services Fee Waiver on my.UChicago under myAccount .  Waivers must be completed between March 8 until April 16, 2021More information is available on the College website.

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