Bursar FAQ Spring 2020

Will tuition change for Spring Quarter?
While all Spring Quarter courses will be taught remotely, courses will continue to fully satisfy degree requirements, regardless of the format and length. The Spring Quarter will count toward completion of all degree programs, with regular tuition rates.

We understand that remote instruction will not be the same as the on-campus experience.  Our faculty and other instructors are adapting their courses in creative ways and taking additional measures to teach and work remotely with students in this changed environment. The move to online education is a necessary response to the extraordinary public health crisis that we all face. We also understand that students may want to exercise their option to take a leave of absence.

How do I request relief from Institutional or Perkins Loan payments to the University of Chicago?
Effective May 1, 2020, the University of Chicago has suspended all interest calculation and payments without penalty until September 30, 2020, for current borrowers in repayment.  There is no action required by a student to be included in the payment suspension period, however, you may continue to remit payments to our loan servicer during this period.
How are my Direct Loan repayments impacted by COVID-19?
Effective March 27, 2020, the Department of Education has instructed all Direct Loan Servicers to suspend interest calculation and payments for borrowers in repayment of Direct Student Loans. For more information, visit the Department of Education.
Will I be assessed Spring Quarter room and board if I am required to leave the residence halls?
Room and board fees will not be assessed if you are not residing in a residence hall. Visit the Housing & Residence Life FAQs  for more details.
Will the Student Services Fee be assessed for Spring 2020?
All students who qualify for assessment of the Student Services Fee will be billed a reduced amount of $125 for the Spring 2020 quarter.
I am a College Student who has to vacate my residence hall at the end of the Winter quarter. Will I be assessed the Student Services Fee?
College students who are required to vacate their residence hall will not be assessed the Student Services Fee. If you receive special approval to remain in on-campus housing for Spring Quarter 2020 you will be assessed the Student Services Fee.
I am a College Student living off-campus. Will I be assessed the Student Services Fee?
Enrolled College students who are living off-campus in Spring Quarter 2020 will be assessed the Student Services Fee. However, we understand that some students may decide to move home and/or away from Chicago as circumstances change. If your situation requires you to move more than 50 miles from campus you may petition to have the Student Services Fee waived by submitting your request to bursar@uchicago.edu by April 15, 2020.
I am a graduate/professional student living off-campus. Will I be assessed the Student Services Fee?
Graduate/Professional students will be assessed the Student Services Fee for Spring Quarter 2020.  However, if you have already or intend to move off-campus and are more than 50 miles away, you may petition to have the Student Services Fee  waived by submitting your request to bursar@uchicago.edu by April 15, 2020.
Will I be assessed the College UPass fee?
The College UPass will be offered to students on an opt-in basis for Spring Quarter 2020.  Your UPass will not be activated and you will not be assessed for it, unless you complete the opt-in selection process. More information will be included on the UChicago CTA UPass website.
If I need emergency funding as a result of the current situation, what are my options?
Start by going to Emergency Assistance Programs to review your options and learn how to apply for assistance.
Will my financial aid be impacted by the Spring 2020 online delivery?
Some students may be impacted by the change. Please visit the Financial Aid FAQ for more information.
When will payments be due? When will we receive our bill for Spring Quarter 2020?
All students will have an extended payment deadline of April 29, 2020, for Spring Quarter 2020.  Official billing dates have been altered and are available for viewing by academic program.  
What changes will be made to those enrolled in the Annual Payment Plan?
Annual Payment Plan payment dates will not be altered; however, all accounts will be reviewed for revised amounts for the May payment.  Each enrolled student will be contacted individually by our office.  
For more University-wide information
Visit the Coronavirus Updates website.