UChicago EBill/EPay

What is UChicago EBill/EPay?

UChicago EBill/EPay is an electronic billing and payment service which enables students to receive their University of Chicago bill electronically and pay online.  UChicago EBill/EPay replaces the current EBilling and Payment System and the paper bill invoice.  

Why are we launching a new system?

UChicago EBill/EPay is a new service made possible by the University’s Academic Information System Implementation.  For more information on AIS, please visit ais.uchicago.edu.

When will UChicago EBill/EPay be available?

UChicago EBill/EPay is now available and will be in use for the Autumn 2016 Quarter.  Students entering in the Summer 2016 have had their Ebill history migrated and may now use the current system.

How will students enroll in the new service?

Students do not need to enroll in the new service, and we will use your assigned University of Chicago email address for all communications, including EBills and Payment notices.

Who else can use EBill/EPay?

Students can designate Authorized Users (i.e., Parents, Extended Family Members, Employers, etc.), who are granted the same access to billing and payment services. Students may authorize up to 10 users and can grant them access to their account and services.

Will my previous EBilling login remain active?

All accounts on the current system were inactivated on July 29, 2016.  All students who wish to authorize users to access their account will need to enroll those users after August 1, 2016. Learn more about how to Authorize Users.