Emergency Assistance Programs

Emergency Assistance Program

The University of Chicago understands there may be additional emergency and unexpected costs during your academic career. Emergency Assistance Programs are available to assist current degree seeking students with these needs.

Examples of Emergency Assistance eligible emergencies include:
  • Unanticipated medical and health expenses
  • Theft of Personal Items
  • Urgent Travel/Transportation Needs
  • Temporary Loss of Housing

Emergency Assistance is NOT designed to assist you with expenses included in the cost of attendance. For assistance with your cost of attendance please contact your Academic Division or your Financial Aid Office.

Emergency Assistance is NOT available to satisfy charges posted to your University Student Account.  For assistance with your Student Account balance please contact the Office of the Bursar.

Emergency Assistance Programs include Living Expense Advances, Emergency Loans and Emergency Assistance Grants. Funds from Emergency Assistance Programs are generally available in the amount of $500-$3,000, depending on the program and circumstances.

Each program has separate eligibility and repayment requirements.  All programs may be applied for at my.UChicago.edu go to Finances-Account– Emergency Assistance Application.

Living Expense Advance

Students who have applied for and submitted all required loan application documents and have an anticipated living expense credit balance may be eligible to receive a Living Expense Advance in advance of the regularly scheduled disbursement date.

  • Advance amount:  Students may receive up to $3,000 per quarter or 50% of the anticipated credit on their account (whichever is less).
  • Additional eligibility requirements:  Only one advance is allowed every quarter. Advances will be denied if you have not fulfilled all the requirements to apply for and receive your financial aid. For example, we will deny an advance if you have not submitted a loan application or any of your documents to secure the loan are incomplete.
  • Repayment:  Advances, by definition, are repaid when the anticipated loan funds being advanced to you are credited to your student account.  There are no interest or fees required for the advance. Non-repayment of the advance may result in suspension of University services including transcripts and registration of classes and a student account late fee.
  • Application:  To be considered for a Living Expense Advance please go to my.UChicago.edu  under Finances-Account– Emergency Assistance Application.
Applications will be considered beginning on:
Summer Quarter June 1st
Autumn Quarter September 1st
Winter Quarter December 1st
Spring Quarter March 1st
Short-Term Emergency Loan

The Short-Term Emergency Loan program is intended to assist you with unexpected short-term financial emergencies.

  • Loan amount:  You are entitled to one Short-Term Emergency Loan per academic quarter for a maximum of $1,500 depending on your account status and emergency.
  • Repayment:  Emergency Loans must be repaid within 60 days of receiving the funds or by the end of the current academic year, whichever occurs first. There are no interest or fees required for this loan. Non-repayment of the loan may result in suspension of University services including transcripts and registration of classes.
  • Application:  To be considered for a Short-Term Emergency Loan please go to my.UChicago.edu  under Finances-Account – Emergency Assistance Application.
Emergency Assistance Grants

The Emergency Grant provides resources to students who have extraordinary and significant emergency assistance needs.

  • Grant amount:  Students may receive up to $3,000 per emergency.
  • Additional eligibility requirements:  Only one Emergency Assistance Grant is allowed per Academic Career.
  • Repayment:  Grants are not subject to repayment but are subject to taxation as an income source.
  • Application:  To be considered for an Emergency Assistance Grant please go to my.UChicago.edu  under Finances-Account– Emergency Assistance Application.
Disbursement of Funds
Disbursement of Funds:

Disbursement of Funds is determined by the type of emergency assistance you are approved to receive.

Living Expense Advance:

Living Expense Advances are distributed via the Student Account Direct Deposit Portal. Please review your enrollment when applying for Emergency Assistance.

Short-Term Emergency Loan:

Short-Term Emergency Loan are distributed via:

Emergency Assistance Grants:

Emergency Assistance Grants are considered income and do require students to complete appropriate tax documents before issuance. Emergency Assistance Grants are distributed via: