Local Banking Information

The University of Chicago Campus and Hyde Park are home to many national and local domestic banking institutions.

The Office of the Bursar highly recommends you have access to a domestic bank account to receive electronic disbursements from our office as an enrolled student.

Most banks have options to open Domestic Standard Free Checking Accounts online and usually require some or all of the following documentation:

  • Drivers License, State ID, or Passport
  • Social Security Number*
  • Permanent address and mailing address, if applicable
  • Work or Student ID. If you haven’t received your Student ID your offer or acceptance letter may suffice.
  • Information for joint owners and/or beneficiaries
  • If you will be funding your account(s) from an external source have that banking information available.
Branch Located on University of Chicago Campus

Branch located within 2 miles of University of Chicago Campus

International Students*

International Students DO NOT need a Social Security Number/International Tax Identification Number to open a Standard Free Checking Account. You DO require one when opening an interest-bearing savings account.

International Students may consult the Office of International Affairs on the process for obtaining an International Tax Identification Number  when they arrive in the United States. They may also apply online with the Internal Revenue Service directly if they wish to obtain.

International Students do not require a domestic bank account to remit payments TO the University of Chicago.  International Accounts are accepted online via my.UChicago go to Finances – Ebill/EPay.