Student Services Fee

The Student Services Fee is assessed quarterly to support the many services dedicated to enhancing the quality of student life and campus activities, and is used to provide and promote educational, social, cultural, and recreational programs and services for students throughout the year. These include health promotion, athletics and recreation, and student co-curricular programming. Additionally, the fee makes it possible for Campus and Student Life to offer a robust array of student support services through UChicago Student Wellness, Student Disability Services, the Office of International Affairs and UChicago HELP. The Student Services fee helps Campus and Student Life support Undergraduate Student Government and Graduate Council, funds hundreds of Recognized Student Organizations and makes possible many other student-driven activities and programs.


All students are assessed the Student Services Fee unless they individually or their program of study qualifies for one of the following exemptions:

  1. Exemption Academic Plan: The academic plan requires a delivery of instruction that limits the student’s ability to engage in or utilize the services and programs the Student Services Fee supports.
  2. Academic Status Exemption: The individual student is assigned a unique academic study exemption that does not require campus residency (i.e., Study Abroad, Study Away, Pro Forma, etc.).
  3. Relocation: The individual student will reside over 50 miles from the UChicago Campus.

Students who wish to apply for a Student Services Fee Waiver of Relocation (Exemption 3 above) must do so for each quarter impacted. The Student Services Fee Waiver is available online at my.UChicago go to myAccount- Students Services Fee Waiver.   The Student Services Fee Waiver tool opens during Week Ten of each quarter for the upcoming quarter and closes at the end of Week Three of the quarter of application.

All students who complete a Student Services Fee Waiver must also update their Physical Address in my.UChicago by the end of Week Three of the quarter of application.

All students who have submitted a Student Services Fee Waiver Request may be subject to an audit of their location.  If their Physical Address is within a 50 mile radius of the UChicago Campus, their waiver request may be revoked and the student will be responsible for fee payment.