Information for Students
The University of Chicago offers third-party billing for students whose tuition and other fees, or a portion thereof, will be paid by a third-party. Student account charges may be directly billed to an agency or organization who assumes responsibility for charges through the application of a Third Party Contract (TPC). A TPC may be issued per quarter or for the full academic year, and only if the sponsor assumes unconditional responsibility for your student account charges. If the sponsorship is conditional (i.e. requiring attaining a minimum grade, providing transcripts, etc.) your sponsorship does not qualify for a TPC.

  • To apply for this service, students complete and submit the signed Third Party Contract (TPC).  If you are unable to complete the sponsor information indicated on the application, you must submit documentation that includes the required information.  

Upon receipt of the completed Student TPC Application, the amount your sponsor agreed to pay will be deferred on your student account. The sponsor will be billed for the contracted amount. The deferment DOES NOT indicate payment received and only reflects the amount your sponsor agreed to pay. Responsibility for Student Account settlement always remains with each student. Any amount unpaid by your sponsor by the due date will be transferred back to your student account and will be due immediately. See the TPC application for deadline and invoice dates.  

Information for Sponsors
The University of Chicago offers the opportunity for third parties, such as outside agencies and sponsors to receive quarterly invoices for students whose tuition and/or fees they are sponsoring. Each student must complete and submit a Third Party Contract (TPC) before a TPC invoice can be produced and submitted to the sponsor. TPC invoices are generated approximately four weeks after the start of each quarter (at the end of the add/drop period) to ensure the accuracy of charges. Invoices will be emailed to the contact email address indicated on the Student Third Party Contract, and are due within 30 days.  Any unpaid amount will be charged to the student.  The student will then be subject to late fees and registration restriction.  
How to Make Sponsor Payments
  • All payments must include the student name, student ID number, and quarter of payment.
    • Make checks payable to: University of Chicago
      • Mail to: Office of the University Bursar, 6030 S Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637.
    • Payment options are provided on the Third Party Contract (TPC) invoice.
Contact Information

For assistance with your Third Party Contract, please send an email to