Tuition is assessed in one of four different ways:

By Number of Courses:

Students in the following programs are assessed tuition based on the number of courses for which they register. Students in this category include:

  • College students (including those in the joint BA/MA programs)
    • College students will normally register for 3 or 4 courses per quarter, which is considered full time status.
    • College students who are authorized to register for less than 3 courses or more than 4 will be billed on a per-course rate.
  • Students enrolled in terminal Master’s degree programs
  • Students enrolled as bi-registrants in the Divinity School
  • Students enrolled in the University of Chicago Booth School of Business Campus, Evening or Weekend MBA program, including joint degree students when in residence at Chicago Booth
  • Students in the Graham School of General Studies enrolled as Graduate Students-at-Large, Returning Scholars, or in the Master of Liberal Arts program
  • Master’s degree students in the Divinity School

By Residence Status:

Students in a Ph.D. degree program are assessed tuition based on their residence status irrespective of the number of courses for which they register.

Explanation of Residence Status: See Residence System for Students in PhD Programs for a further explanation of the residence status system

By Enrollment in a Professional Degree Program:

Professional students enrolled in the M.D. and the J.D. programs are assessed tuition at a full-time rate.

By Program Enrollment and Course Fees:

Students enrolled in certificate programs and other special programs at the Graham School or any of the three Chicago Booth Executive MBA programs are assessed fees based on the special rules of enrollment in their programs.