College Tuition and Fees

Summer 2022
COLLEGE Per Quarter
College (1 Course) $4,380
College (2 Courses) $8,760
College (3 Courses) $13,140
College (4 Courses) $17,520
College (5 Courses) $21,900
Summer Session  


Autumn, Winter, Spring 2022-2023

  Per Quarter
College (Flat Rate) $20,393
College Extended $405


COLLEGE Per Quarter
College Bachelors/Masters BSD $19,035
College Bachelors/Masters DIV $10,000
College Bachelors/Masters HUM $21,715
College Bachelors/Law TBA
College Bachelors/MED $19,612
College Bachelors/ Masters PP $19,263
College Bachelors/Masters PSD $18,842
College Bachelors/Masters Crown $16,578
College Bachelors/Masters SSD $21,715
College Bachelors/Masters UTEP $17,000


Students At Large
College SAL (Flat Rate) $20,393


Quarterly Fees
College Student Services Fee– Enrolled students all quarters $481
USHIP Dependent Fee $336
College U-Pass Fee $106
1st year only – College Class Fee $440
University Housing  
University of Chicago Health Insurance (USHIP)  
University Dining


Occasional Fees
Academic Reading Comprehension Assessment (ARCA) Fees $90
Academic Reading Comprehension Assessment  Fee in absentia $170
Late Registration Fee for Academic Reading Comprehension Assessment $30
Fee for Cancellation of Application to Graduate (for each cancellation of an application for the same degree) $65
Late Registration Fee (current quarter) $100
Late Registration Fee (prior quarter) $250
Late Change of Registration Fee $50
Late Change of Registration Fee (prior quarter) $150
Continuous Registration Penalty Fee (for PhD Students) $250
Late Payment Fee for Past Due Accounts (once per quarter) $150
Returned Payment Fee $25
Chicago Card Replace Fee $20
U-Pass Replacement Fee $50
Pre-Orientation Programs & Summer Experiences