University Students

Enroll Authorized Users

Students may grant access for others to view EBills, account transaction history, 1098-T Tuition Reporting Statements, make online payments, enroll in an undergraduate payment plan, and other services to assist in the successful management of your Student Account. Allow access for up to 10 people such as a parent, spouse, sponsor, or employer.

Setting up authorized payers can be done in the following easy steps:

Login to my.UChicago

Click the Finances Tab

Access the quick links under Account and Billing

Click on EBill/EPay

In the Authorized Payers box, click “Add New”

Follow prompts to add your Authorized User’s information.

For further assistance, go to our Authorized Payer Guide

Once authorized, users may access their services by logging in to the Authorized Payer Portal


Students are ultimately responsible for unpaid balances on their student account.
Authorization does not grant access to academic records or the my.UChicago portal.