Late Payment Fees
A $150 late payment fee will be assessed quarterly to Student Accounts with past-due balances.
Graduation and Diploma Holds
Students expecting to graduate must clear their Student Account Hold no later than the end of ninth week of the quarter (eighth week in Summer) they expect to receive their degree.
Bursar Student Account Holds
The Office of the Bursar is authorized to place a Bursar Hold on future quarter registration for a past due balance on a Student Account.  Bursar Holds are placed on past due Student Accounts starting the sixth week of each quarter (fifth week in Summer).  In addition to preventing registration, a Bursar Hold will prevent students from obtaining a transcript, graduating or receiving a diploma.
Student Account Add/Drop/Withdrawal Policies

A student who drops a course, withdraws, or is approved for a Leave of Absence from the University may be eligible for a proration of their quarterly charges.

Add/Drop Tuition Proration Schedule

The Add/Drop Tuition Proration Schedule applies to alterations in registration after initial registration. Tuition proration amounts for dropped courses are determined by the enrollment action of the student and their Academic Unit. Please review your Academic Unit/School policy for detailed Tuition Refund information.

Proration Schedule for Dropped Courses for MBA Full Time, Evening, and Weekend Students:

Tuition refunds apply only when a Leave Absence/Withdrawal

  • 100% end of the second week of the quarter
  • 0% beginning the third week of the quarter

The last day for a 100% refund of a dropped course is the end of the third week of a quarter. There are no refunds of tuition after the end of the third week of the quarter.

Tuition refunds apply only when a Leave of Absence/Withdrawal occurs. Please see Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Refund Schedule for proration amounts.

The following charges represent services provided to the individual. These charges are all non-refundable at all times: Maroon Dollars, Off Campus Meal Plans, College Book Charges, SSA UPass, College International Pre-Orientation, College Urban Experience, Medical School Disability Insurance.

Room charges are prorated to the time of stay. No prorations of room charges are made for students who leave after the Friday of the tenth week each quarter. Proper check out must be performed to receive a proration of these fees. Please contact Housing & Residence Life for more information.

No proration of mandatory enrollment fees are made after the end of the first week of the quarter for a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal.

Mandatory Enrollment Fees include: Booth Administrative Fee, Student Services Fee, Graduate Lifetime Transcript Fee, College UPass Fee, College Class Fee, Exam Fee, USHIP Dependent Fee.

No proration of USHIP premiums are made unless the Withdrawal or Leave of Absence occurs before the end of the third week of the quarter of your initial plan enrollment and no insurance claims have been processed on your behalf. Please contact the Student Health Insurance Office for more information.

The Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Tuition Proration Schedule applies to students who formally withdraw or interrupt their studies after initial registration for a quarter. Leave of Absences or Withdrawals from an Academic Program must be reported to and approved by the Academic Unit/School.

Proration schedule for Leave of Absence/Withdrawal: 
  • 100% end of the first week of the quarter.
  •  65% end of the third week of the quarter.
  •  50% end of the fourth week of the quarter.
  •  30% end of the fifth week of the quarter.
  •  0% beginning sixth week of the quarter.