• Student eBill/ePay access:  myUChicago Portal
    • When making an online ACH payment, use your checking account and bank routing numbers.  If you need assistance, contact your bank to confirm these numbers.
  • Authorized Users access:  Enrolled User Link
  • Non-Authorized Third-Party Payers visit:  Tuition Pay Store
The University of Chicago partners with Flywire to streamline payments made in international currency to your student account.
Flywire allows you to:

  • Pay from many different countries and banks;
  • Reduce the cost of foreign exchange and bank fees;
  • Receive 24×7 multilingual customer support;
  • Track your payment from start to finish;
  • Ensures easy identification of your international payment.

Flywire payments are accessible through go to myAccount> EBill/EPay.

Email with payment questions.

Paper Check/College Savings Plan
  • Make paper check payable to:  University of Chicago
  • Include on memo line: Student Name and 8-digit ID Number
  • Mail to: Office of the Bursar, University of Chicago, 6030 S. Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL  60637
Undergraduate 9-Pay Annual Payment Plan (APP)
The Office of the Bursar offers students of the College and their families an interest-free Annual Payment Plan to defer the cost of annual tuition over a 9-month period. All College students with course enrollment, regardless of need or financial standing, are eligible for the APP. There is no approval process, however, your student account must be in good standing.

APP Plan Details

The APP is 9 months in length and payments are due on the 1st of each month beginning in September through May of the academic year. The plan carries a $75 enrollment fee annually. Enrollment in the plan is open beginning 8/5/2020 and will remain open until 10/18/2020.

Once enrolled, the first installment and the $75 enrollment fee are due immediately, and thereafter you will be billed the first of each month. Automatic monthly deductions from checking or savings* is the preferred method of payment, and incurs no additional cost. Payments must be made online if you do not elect to participate in automatic deductions. Late payments will be assessed a fee. Details are available at the time of enrollment.

Enrollees will continue to receive a monthly EBill reflecting their payments and charges for their records. Payment due dates in the EBill can be ignored as due dates are determined by the payment plan.

APP Budget Calculation

Payment plan budget amounts are calculated from the difference between your total annual charges and total expected credits and/or financial aid.

  • Annual charges are based on your enrollment as a College student and individual choices regarding housing, study abroad and student health insurance.
  • Credits are determined by the individual resources you have access to beyond your payment plan including any outside scholarships or financial aid expected to be paid on your behalf.

If you are a financial aid recipient and have applied for financial aid for the upcoming year, a financial aid award package is necessary to calculate an accurate budget when enrolling in the APP. For more information regarding the status of your financial aid award package please contact the Office of College Aid.

Here is a sample 2020-2021 APP Budget for a typical First-year College Student:


Anticipated Annual Charges/Credits Estimated Charges Estimated Credits
Tuition $57,642  
Student Insurance (if not waived) $4,566  
Student Fees $1,656  
1sr Year Only-College Class Fee $1,254  
Room/Board $17,004  
Financial Aid Award Estimate   $20,000
Outside Scholarship Estimate   $15,000
Outside Payments Estimate   $10,002
Class Deposit Tuition Credit   $250
Totals $82,122 $45,252
Payment Plan Total $82,122 – $45,252 $36,870
Monthly Payment $36,870/9 $4,096.67

*If you are participating in an optional College Pre-Orientation program, include the cost in your budget.

*If you are participating in Study Abroad, include the program cost in your budget.

APP Enrollment

APP Enrollment opens August 5, 2020

The first installment and a $75 fee will be due upon enrollment.

Students may enroll themselves or Authorize a Payer to enroll in the payment plan on their behalf. Only one enrollment in the plan is allowed per Student Account

  • Students may enroll in the plan via myUChicago and EBill/EPay.
  • Authorized Payers may enroll in the plan via their own Portal.

In order to determine an accurate calculation of your APP Budget, ensure that students and families have available any financial aid, scholarships, or additional funding contributing toward their balance before enrolling in the APP.

APP Maintenance Requirements

Budgets are reconciled quarterly after the add/drop period with your actual quarterly charges and credits. If your budget does not satisfy your Student Account balance due, it will be adjusted accordingly. These changes will be sent for your approval to the email you provided upon enrollment.

If you do not accept these requested changes to your budget within 10 days of notification, your payment plan enrollment will be withdrawn and all charges will be due immediately.

You must contact the Office of the Bursar to make any changes to your payment plan after enrollment has been completed.

Automatic dis-enrollment from the payment plan will occur when two consecutive payments are not received and the total balance due will be due at that time.

A detailed enrollment guide and additional terms of the payment plan are available for review at the time of enrollment.

For more information on the 9-Pay APP please email or call 773-702-8000

Direct Deduction
Enrollment in direct deduction is only allowed September 15 – April 5

Graduate students in eligible programs who receive fellowship funding through the payroll system may choose to have autumn, winter and spring University Student Health Insurance Plan (USHIP) and Student Services fees deducted directly from their payments. Students enrolled in active programs within the Biological Sciences Division, Physical Sciences Division and the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering are eligible for this service.

These deductions will be applied directly to the student account. For the 2020/2021 academic year, monthly deductions will begin October 30, 2020 and continue through June 30, 2021 for a total of nine deductions. The enrollment deadline to set-up nine deductions is October 11, 2020 5:00pm. Enrollment beyond this date and time will result in less-than nine deductions.

  • Your enrollment in this service must be renewed annually.
  • Those who enroll in the Direct Deduction Plan will NOT receive monthly tuition EBILL statements from the Bursar’s Office.
  • To enroll in Direct Deduction go to myUChicago, Finances, Account, Direct Deduction Enroll.

For further questions regarding Direct Deductions please contact Barbara Johnson at


Employee Remission
University of Chicago, University of Chicago Hospital employees, and their dependents may be tuition remission eligible.  Eligibility is based on enrollment at the University of Chicago and the Laboratory Schools. Employees must apply for tuition remission assistance through their Benefit’s Office prior to the beginning of each quarter.

The following links provide additional information:

University of Chicago Employees
University of Chicago Hospital Employees

The Bursar’s Office will update student accounts with tuition remission credits upon approval by the respective Benefit Offices.College and Graduate students may view current information on their tuition account at my.UChicago.